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One key operation of Pcb fixture cleaning machine

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Pcb Cure Cleaner-YS-5200

Equipment features:

The equipment is used for cleaning the external surface of all kinds of workpieces, such as wave soldering fixture, reflow soldering tray and condenser.

Printing machine scraper, machine parts surface flux, oil, dust and other cleaning.

"Spray cleaning machine" uses the workpiece to be washed by high pressure spray in the rotating basket, and high pressure spray rinse.

High pressure air shear and large flow fan hot air drying technology to ensure cleaning effect

The equipment is suitable for cleaning the external surface of all kinds of workpieces, such as wave soldering fixture cleaning, reflow soldering condenser cleaning, machine parts surface oil pollution cleaning.

1. One-button operation, the whole cleaning process is fully automated, without manual intervention;

2. The equipment has the functions of cleaning, rinsing and drying.

3. After cleaning, the surface of the fixture is dry and has high cleanliness, which can be directly used in the later stage of the process, and the effect is greatly improved than that of manual cleaning.

4. The spraying pressure can be adjusted, 720 degrees of all-round spraying, cleaning without dead angle;

5. The equipment has a real-time circulating and filtering system for cleaning and rinsing liquids, which greatly improves the efficiency of liquid utilization.

6. Large batch cleaning can save a lot of labor.

7. Low energy consumption, low noise, pollution-free and environmentally friendly;

8. With the use of high-efficiency water-based cleaning agent, the liquid consumption is small and the operation cost is low.

Model: YS-5200

(1) Size of equipment: 2000*1500*1600mm

(2) Diameter of work basket: 1000mm

(3) Maximum height of workpiece: 480mm

(4) Spray pressure: 5-8 KG

(5) Equipment power: 27KW

(6) Workbasket load: 100 KG

(7) Voltage/frequency: 380V/50HZ